EnQuest Producer FPSO achieves first oil

EnQuest Producer FPSO achieves first oil December 2015 - On Monday, 27 October, following the final commissioning, the EnQuest Producer FPSO achieved first oil in the Alma and Galia fields, located in the UK sector of the North Sea. Prior to this achievement, the on board production facilities underwent significant modifications to be able to operate in deeper water and be moored with a different wave pattern. These modifications enabled the service life to be extended by ten years. Nevesbu made a major contribution to the conversion of the 249-metre-long FPSO and was part of the conversion team while work was in progress.

The EnQuest Producer is moored using internal turret mooring. In order to become suitable for the new oil field, the FPSO is equipped with more cables and pipes, resulting in the extension of the swivel stack and the enlargement of the turret deckhouse to 18 metres. Enlarging the turret deckhouse is performed integrally with integration of the new mooring chain winches. Nevesbu provided the complete engineering for these and other modifications. Read more about this project in our next Ivormatie.

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