Approving comments for the partners of the EASIT2 project

Approving comments for the partners of the EASIT2 project May 2013 - From October 2010 to September 2012 Nevesbu joined the EU funded EASIT2 project ( This project was aimed at the enhancement of skills of professional engineers and comprises: - an educational database of self-learning modules - a framework where development can be recorded and monitored - a certification procedure for qualification by independent assessment

Nevesbu was responsible for the deliverables as mentioned above. These three products were evaluated by the industry by filling in a questionnaire. Nevesbu designed this questionnaire and collected the results into three reports. After six months the EU funding has approved the work that has been done and their comments about the products are worth sharing. Among others they state: "All results are produced according to higher specification and the project has exceeded our expectations." "The main learning results are very significant for the target audience. Standards and competences which apply across the industry and the EU have clearly been identified for the first time." "The projects raft of learning products are highly innovative." "The project has delivered qualitative products and new and exciting training and development opportunities." "It is clear that the results have the wide relevance that was originally intended as a result of the considerable involvement of the target group, domain experts, high profile organisations and partners in shaping the project outcomes." "There is no doubt that the main learning and development products comply with current state of the art regarding vocational training." "The Competence Framework is a professional looking software system for recording and managing individual and group competences." "Project dissemination has been the success story that was promised." Overlooking this list of comments it may be stated that Nevesbu performed to the full satisfaction of the EU members who are responsible for this project.

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