Marijn Hage of Nevesbu nominated for Maritime Design Award 2017

Marijn Hage of Nevesbu nominated for Maritime Design Award 2017 July 2017 - Marijn Hage, naval architect at Nevesbu, has been nominated for the Maritime Design Award of 2017. What began as his thesis later developed onwards and produced the innovative Volume Estimation Tool (VET) with support from the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) of the Dutch Ministry of Defence. The tool is one of a set of design tools for submarines developed by DMO, knowledge institutions and industry. The winner of the award will be announced at the Maritime Awards Gala at the RDM submarine wharf in Rotterdam on 6 November 2017.

Marijn Hage said of his nomination: It's fantastic to have been nominated and to see how this subject is increasingly coming to the fore and as an industry we can certainly make our contribution to it". The Maritime Design Award is for individual designers, PhD candidates, recent graduates and start-ups who believe that their work or approach deserves greater attention and wider discussion. The award focuses on how a design, ship subsystem or offshore vessel comes about. Matters taken into consideration include original or modernising approaches to designing or the development of tools.

About the Volume Estimation Tool (VET)
One of the most important design requirements when designing a submarine is the attainment of neutral buoyancy. To evaluate the buoyancy of a submarine design, it is extremely important to make a reliable estimate of the weight and volume of a design. Marijn Hage developed the Volume Estimation Tool in order to determine quickly at an early stage of the design process a suitable starting point for the main dimensions, volume and sub-volumes of a diesel-electric submarine. Thanks to the limited quantity of input data and the short time needed to use the VET, it is possible in a matter of minutes to make an estimate of a submarine’s volume and dimensions that are appropriate to a selected mission profile. Thanks to the modular structure of the VET, the tool is expandable by adding new functionalities. These may include a section with a multi-mission portal, a section with Atmosphere Independent Propulsion (AIP) or alternative energy storage systems.

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