Nevesbu participates in EASIT2 project

Nevesbu participates in EASIT2 project March 2011 - EASIT2, an acronym for Engineering Analysis and Simulation Innovation Transfer, is an international project sponsored by the EU. Nevesbu b.v. is participating in the project to set out the knowledge and skills needed by a competent structural engineer. The objectives are to define the skills and then develop ways of imparting them to the participating members of the engineering community.

The project consists of several steps. The first is research into industry needs. The second is establishment of an educational database to provide the information necessary to help analysts develop professionally in new and unknown fields. The third step is to create a competency framework that enables the analyst, manager or company to monitor the progress being made by the analyst in terms of education and skills. This will lead to registration as a qualified analyst. The next step in the project is to establish a qualification scheme for chartered analysts. This ambitious roadmap will be tested and evaluated by the industry in the fifth step where Jack Reijmers of Nevesbu b.v. is the project leader. After reporting the findings and fine-tuning the outcomes, the final step will be valorisation. This involves making the results known to anybody who might be interested in becoming a chartered analyst. The project runs until year-end 2012 with NAFEMS as a key partner. The University of Strathclyde is managing the project. For more information visit

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