Nevesbu talks about the large scale conversion of EnQuest Producer FPSO

Nevesbu talks about the large scale conversion of EnQuest Producer FPSO March 2016 - Nevesbu was closely involved in the major conversion of the 249-metre-long EnQuest Producer FPSO (Floating Production, Storage & Offloading vessel) from late 2011 until early 2015. Oil company EnQuest is using the vessel to produce oil in the Alma and Galia fields in the UK sector of the North Sea. The on board production facilities underwent significant modifications to ensure that the FPSO can stay in service here for another ten years. This is the third lease of life for the vessel. Converting EnQuest Producer was a complex project in which Nevesbu made a major contribution to the conversion of the FPSO and was part of the conversion team while work was in progress.

Turret and deckhouse engineering

During the design stage, Nevesbu analysed the existing structure of the turret in detail and performed the relevant calculations in a finite elements model. With a team of ten engineers drawn from different disciplines, Nevesbu completely modelled and calculated the modifications and their integration in the vessel.

Intensive involvement during implementation

EnQuest tasked Nevesbu with completing a number of work packages for the structural integration engineering. “We consider it important to maintain intensive contact with the Client and to remain closely involved during the implementation, so that we can provide advice if necessary. Therefore, we made frequent visits to the Hadrian Yard. Because our collaboration was effective, EnQuest decided to bring us in to the overall conversion team. The advantage is that we have many years of experience in FPSO and ship modifications and can take care of the complete engineering for this, so we were able to advise EnQuest on a wide range of issues,” says project manager Hubert van Strien.

Nevesbu received additional contracts, including verification of the pipe supports of the inert gas system. Nevesbu also made the design of the local strengthening of the main deck beneath the topside and performed the new stability calculations.

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