Official start of the Life Extension Program Walrus

Official start of the Life Extension Program Walrus May 2013 - On Monday 13 May 2013 the Life Extension Program (LEP) for Walrus class submarines has officially started. During a meeting at the location of the Royal Dutch Navy in Den Helder (the Netherlands), commodore Hans Lodder and Sytze Voulon of Imtech signed the execution order. This order is a follow up of an engineering project of submarines which are about 20 years old. The objective of the Walrus class submarines LEP is to prolong their service life to at least 2025 and to increase their operability in coastal waters.

Nevesbu plays a key role in the Life Extension Program Walrus For the past four years Nevesbu has managed the engineering of the LEP. To meet the new technical standards and requirements, the submarine has to be completely stripped and provided with new equipment, cable ducts, piping and technology. A puzzle which asks for efficient use of the available space and effective implementation of the state-of-the-art engineering. Although it was a challenge for all parties, the Royal Dutch Navy, Defense Materiel Organization and the Dutch Industry (comprised of Nevesbu, Verebus and Imtech), the combined expertise and good teamwork has made this project a success. The engineering phase has been completed and the modification of the Zeeleeuw submarine can begin with an expected completion date of 2015. Nevesbu will provide technical support to ensure the integration of the new equipment is seamless. In addition to the Zeeleeuw, Nevesbu will also provide the engineering for the other three submarines of the Royal Dutch Navy. The Walrus class, a beautiful example of Dutch pride!

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