Iv-Consult wins ‘National Steel Prize 2012’ with bicycle garage ‘Fietsappel’

Iv-Consult wins ‘National Steel Prize 2012’ with bicycle garage ‘Fietsappel’ October 2012 - At the National Steel Day on the 4th of October 2012, it was announced that the bicycle garage 'Fietsappel' (bicycle apple) has won the National Steel Prize 2012 in the Buildings category. Iv-Consult, Kuiper Compagnons and Jos van den Bersselaar Constructie were responsible for the design and construction of this project. According to the jury, steel is used as should be: fresh and slim.

The Fietsappel is an exceptional bicycle garage in the Dutch town of Alphen aan den Rijn and provides parking space for 1000 bicycles. Its apparently simple basic shape (an apple) is misleading, because its complex three-dimensional structure is unique, which means that no two elements are the same. A great technical challenge! The ramp where bicycles are parked is spiraled (like apple peel) around a cone-shaped 'core' of steel columns. The outer shell is made of transparent lace fencing. Iv-Consult was responsible for the calculations, design, detailed calculations and shop drawings. "The Fietsappel has an appealing and functional design which has been detailed and produced in a very elegant way. Especially with a limited budget. The design, choice of materials and use of colour emphasize the environment-friendly character of cycling and travelling by public transport. The profile of the tubes and the outside of the wire gauze (with elegant shapes) create an open and accessible character. Obviously every detail of this bicycle garage has been designed with pleasure. Steel is used as it should be: fresh and slim", wrote the jury in the jury report. For more information about the winning projects and the 'Fietsappel', please click here.

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