Iv-Infra responsible for the design of the new Delta flume

Iv-Infra responsible for the design of the new Delta flume September 2012 - Last Wednesday 12 September the contract of the new Delta flume was signed. Ballast Nedam will build the new Delta flume, under the authority of Deltares. Iv-Infra has already been assigned as the engineering company in the tender phase.

Deltares uses the Delta flume to perform tests for national and international hydraulic projects, such as groynes and dike facings. The tests involve measuring wave heights, wave pressures, flow velocities, wave overtopping and profiles. The new test facility will make it possible to test the effect of waves in full-scale conditions. Iv-Infra performed different tasks for this ingenious building. Such as the design, drawings and calculations of the reinforced concrete structure, the building excavation. The design is executed by making a complete 3D model in Revit software. The calculations will be executed with 2D and 3D calculation packages such as Scia Engineer and DIANA. This research facility will replace the present one in the Dutch Northeast Polder. The engineering will be rounded off by the end of 2012.The Delta flume is expected to be in November 2013.

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