Fuel & Seal Gas Unit loaded out for transport

Fuel & Seal Gas Unit loaded out for transport December 2014 - On Sunday, 16 November 2014, the Escher Fuel & Seal Gas Unit was successfully loaded out of the Cofely yard in Zaandam (The Netherlands). The unit is being transported to the Heerema yard in Zwijndrecht (The Netherlands) where it will be installed on the Alba B3 Compression platform, which is currently in fabrication for Marathon Oil Company. Escher carried out the design work for this unit on behalf of Iv-Oil & Gas and Heerema Fabrication Group.

The Fuel & Seal Gas Unit is designed to condition gas that is fed to the compressor on the compression platform. The unit capacity of the unit is 22 MMSCFD (24560 Nm3/hr), has a weight of 120 tonnes, a footprint of approximately 10 x 10 metres and a height of 12 metres.
The Alba B3 platform will be installed in the Alba field, located in the Gulf of Guinea offshore Equatorial Guinea. It is planned that the complete platform will be ready for load out and transport to the Alba field in September 2015.

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