Aegir Deepwater Construction Vessel

Aegir Deepwater Construction Vessel August 2014 - Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) and Iv-Consult signed a master service agreement in October 2011. In the meantime, Iv-Consult has carried out various projects for HMC. Many of them focus on transport and engineering, with Iv-Consult directly supporting HMC’s core business as an offshore engineering contractor. Other more multidisciplinary projects require a combination of different specialisations such as structural, mechanical, naval and civil engineering.

Iv-Consult is involved as a consulting engineer for the new 'Aegir' pipe-laying vessel. The Aegir (named after the Norse God of the Sea) is a Deepwater Construction Vessel (DCV) capable of laying pipes by means of the 'J-lay' and 'R-lay' methods. J-lay involves assembling pipe lengths on board in the ‘firing line’ and then inserting them in the loader. With R-lay, smaller pipe diameters are laid by the controlled unwinding of reels.

In cooperation with the Heerema design team, Iv-Consult developed the test equipment and provided the design for integrating the equipment on board the Aegir. Thereafter, HMC and Iv-Consult jointly developed the 'barge mooring' system and designed the foundations for the spool equipment at the spool base in Carlyss in the United States.

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