Iv-Industrie and Van Tongeren Kennemer join forces

Iv-Industrie and Van Tongeren Kennemer join forces August 2014 - Iv-Industrie and Van Tongeren Kennemer (VTK) have joined forces to accomplish mutual goals in the food industry. VTK, a well-known manufacturer of components for bulk handling, air & gas systems and drying & cooling systems, was in search of a multidisciplinary engineering partner that could provide more opportunities in terms of the execution of larger investment projects. Iv-Industrie, in the midst of a pursuit to expand their current project portfolio, especially internationally, was therefore deemed an ideal partner. 

Together Iv-Industrie and VTK have already executed two projects together. The first is a new-build gluten dry installation in east Germany that has nearly reached its completion. For this installation, AFC (Approved For Construction) packages will be issued to potential contractors towards the end of August 2014. The second comprises of modifications to expand the capacity of starch and fiber dryers located in southern Belgium which is also nearing completion.

Between the two companies it was agreed that all process expertise and knowledge related to VTK fabricated equipment will be provided by VTK themselves. In turn Iv-Industrie will provide its expertise regarding disciplines beyond the scope of VTK. The projects executed by Iv-Industrie and VTK include mainly basic and detailed engineering and design activities. The construction and commissioning activities will be handled by VTK for now.

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