Iv-Infra/Advin consortium gets Dutch government contract

Iv-Infra/Advin consortium gets Dutch government contract January 2010 - Over the coming three years the Iv-Infra/Advin consortium will carry out numerous kinds of work for Rijkswaterstaat (the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) under a framework agreement with an option for renewal by one year at most.

The work falls under the geo-information product and services lot for which Iv-Infra/Advin successfully tendered. When awarding the contract the client examined the extent to which prospective contractors satisfied criteria such as quality and controllability. Iv-Infra/Advin will perform work for numerous Directorate-General products that fall under the framework agreement such as the management and application of various operations. The products include the primary and secondary networks for the ordinance datum (NAP), data used in the chart used to manage assets in the water system (BKN), a digital topographical database (DTB), descriptive localisation system (BPS), deformation measurements, digital terrain model (DTM) for designing and digital terrain model for environmental impact assessments (DTM-MER). At the signing of the agreement the two parties agreed to continue the constructive dialogue they initiated as part of the contractual arrangements with a view to proposals for improvements to safety and other matters.

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